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01Find A Solution for Your Business Needs

The success of your business is our driving goal, and we know your success is based on receiving the highest-quality products.
To ensure our products and services meet strict quality standards, we build long-term, strategic relationships with our vendors.

02 Improve Your Beverage Service Operation

You understand there’s more to a table than the four legs holding it up. It’s all about the people who surround it. We’ll pull up a chair and sit with you, helping you make your mark in a competitive industry. With our catalog of products and innovative marketing and sales services we can help your business stand out when it matters most—when customers gather at your table to Drink

03The right solutions for your beverage needs

For more than 3 years we’ve partnered with restaurants and Cafes, big and small, as well as organizations like schools, and a variety of other Beverage service operations. From remaining compliant with industry regulations and making on-time Beverage service deliveries, to helping you plan your menu, we give you our best so you can serve your best to the customers who expect nothing less.



Beverage Experts Egypt Coffee Shops & Cafes Consultants is ready to assist you with any aspect of your Coffee Shops operation, big or small. Our seasoned industry experts have used their expertise to help many of new and existing Beverage service operations, from new concept development projects and operational assessments to Coffee shop turnarounds, bars and interior design, marketing, compliance and more. If it has to do with a Cafe, it’s in our wheelhouse.

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Italian Espresso & Barista Academy has maintained the highest standards for barista training and continues to teach the most cutting-edge concepts to coffee professionals. Our team has many years in the coffee industry and experience in a variety of facets related to coffee. As part of our program, we teach extensively from-seed-to-cup, state-of-the-art espresso extraction, milk steaming techniques, Latte art, equipment sourcing and key business operations. We are committed to providing the best education, training, resources and business services so that each of our students can thrive in the specialty coffee industry. We offer professional courses ranging from 2-5 days that include hands-on training and education.

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Barista Skills Module

Roasting Module

Brewing Module

Sensory Skills Module

Green Coffee Module

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