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We invite you to experience MAROMAS – from our house to your house.

Our coffee is produced from the best origins around the world where our experts select the finest green coffee beans. Then our roast masters use highest skills and experience to roast blends that will make the best coffee drinks for our coffee loving end consumers.

Please discover our Espresso variety:


A fine Cuvée Prestige espresso with grand aromas and noble acidity for the distinguished Espressionist.
A blend composed of 100% Arabica coffees. Each cultivar is roasted separately and then “cold-blended” as inherited from Venetian tradition. Each of the cultivars is associated with the name of the plantation or the individual grower. The direct and exclusive importation allows for complete authenticity as the beans can be traced back to their origins.
The aromas and flavours of each single origin are noted in each cup.


It is usually ORPHEA that seduces people to start drinking their espresso without sugar. The only thing you will really miss is the long lasting phase that the sugar normally takes to sink into the extraordinarily rich crema…
In a unique blend with fine Arabica, and the incredible qualities of a very special double washed Robusta from only one plantation, resulting in an espresso of extraordinary richness and authenticity with persisting aromas and a refined chocolate aftertaste without any bitter tones. This intensity makes ORPHEA a favourite for Café Crème drinkers who like their coffee a bit stronger or for cappuccino that does not have an too much of a milky finish.


This very elegant Arabica-Robusta blend is well known for the rich colour and multitude of cream it produces. It portrays its strong character without being bitter and transforms into a rich tobacco-milk chocolate aftertaste. This characteristic makes this selection a perfect choice for Café Crème and milk based drinks like cappuccino and latte.


The Maromas Signature Filter Coffee.
It brews highly aromatic yet at the same time delicate and not too overpowering. Medium low acidity renders this coffee flavourful and fragrant with an excellent body. Balance is the secret to this delightful coffee. A harmonious balance exists between different and contrasting sensations which are never aggressive or dominating – a perfect choice for every moment of the day and especially highly appreciated as breakfast coffee at good hotels.


The Fine & Free blend is composed of 100% Arabica beans, which have undergone decaffeination.
Maromas is using a most safe and gentle procedure. Before roasting the green beans are processed with an organic solvent that completely evaporates above 40 degrees Celsius and therefore the roasting process makes sure to have a finished coffee that is 97% caffeine-free without sacrificing the original tastes associated with fine espresso or café crème.


This Barista Darling is comprised of 100% carefully wet-dry processed Arabica beans from Latin American origins. It is extremely well balanced and delivers rich and aromatic flavours of chocolate and tobacco with a silky crema. It exhibits great body and a smooth, sweet and stunning aftertaste.