Beverage Experts Egypt

We believe in making a difference

Customizing Food & Beverage Brands

Create personalized specialty Beverage to match each client’s individual menu and tastes.


Our consulting team will help you learn current and cutting edge operational, marketing and barista techniques

Food & Beverage Counceltancy

Beverage consultancy especially designed to help you achieve your business strategies and goals

Concept and Brand Development

Preparation and planning of your new specialty coffee business, we understand how to plan for a successful espresso cart, kiosk, drive through or coffee shop.

Professional Barista Diploma Training

We offer professional courses ranging from 2-5 days that include hands-on training and education

Food & Beverage Exclusive Distributors

We are premiere, distributor of hot and cold beverage in Middle East, as a result of our success in building the brands of our customers with quality international products

If you are looking for beverage experts there is fairly good chance that you are considering starting a beverage company. You have certainly come to the right place; Beverage Experts Egypt specializes in helping beverage start-ups get off the ground no matter what stage they are at. Our friendly staff are standing by to offer you a free initial consultation. Contact us now so they can help you understand what choices there are for your new beverage business.

If you are in the midst of starting up a beverage company or are thinking about it and just don’t know where to begin, contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss the options that are best for you. Let Us Help You Optimize Your Beverage Business

We understand the importance of a motivated and focused sales force. Let us help you build your beverage business with a top-flight sales strategy that will deliver top line revenue and bottom line profits.

Beverage Experts Egypt management has trained thousands of beverage specialists and sales associates across Egypt and the Middle East, specifically for new product launches in the beverage industry.

  • Food & Beverage Exclusive Distributors
  • Customizing Food & Beverage Brands
  • Food & Beverage Counceltancy
  • Professional Barista Diploma Training

We have the honor to work with some of the most dynamic and competent individuals and companies in their respective markets and industries. Several of whom we have aligned with to form strategic partnerships in order to allow our clients, our partners and ourselves to accomplish our missions and amplify our reach, Fast and clear communication combined with results-oriented direction of our partnerships consistently products measurable results for our clients and common goals

We understand service as a solution oriented for a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership


We have been selling and distributing Locals Brand of Frappe for several years, and have found Beverage Experts quality and consistency of product to be outstanding. Reliable supply chain and superior customer service make Beverage Experts a top rated supplier to Einstein Cafe.

Ahmed Essmat - Opreation Manager @ Garden Einstein Café

We recently changed smoothie providers to MOCAFFE because of their outstanding quality of product. Our customers definitely notice the difference.

Ziad Mohamed - Head of Opreatin @ Garden Promenade Café

Besides product quality, the team at Beverage Experts has worked with us on unique formulations to fit our menu.

Khaled Ibrahim - Owner Of Beymen Cafe

Absolutely delicious and makes great frappuccino drinks. It's also got suggested recipes on the side which really helped work out how much to use. Not grainy and doesn't taste artificial.

Ahmed Abbas - Opration Manager @ Garden Cafe

Is the first time I've tried this product as I have never made smoothies or coolers before and I have nearly used the whole bag as I have been making them for everybody so I might need to order some more

Mohamed Hassan - Head of Barista @ Carlos Cafe

An excellent product. makes lovely frappes. far better than without this product.

Nasser Elsaid - Head of Opreatin @ Cafe Supreme