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Birth of a Brand

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Beverage Experts Egypt employs a collaborative new concept development approach that connects your vision with our vast experience, expertise and deep knowledge of the competitive Coffee shop landscape. Whether you’re developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation, our goal is to fully understand your objectives in order to help you create a viable brand that connects with guests, has a competitive point of difference and boasts a workable financial model.

How it Works:


We begin by discussing your vision and ideas for the concept—including menu design, service model, desired launch location and decor direction—as well as your needs, budget and timeline.


We then create a strategic list of competitive concepts to analyze on a Discovery Tour in either your home market or a saturated competitive market.


Together, we’ll spend a designated number of days on the Discovery Tour surveying the market and analyzing each concept. From ticket times to tableware, this detailed but collaborative process will illustrate best practices and failures. At this stage, we begin to understand unmet customer needs while also identifying opportunities in the market.


In an all-day brand positioning session, we’ll distill insights and ideas from the tour while brainstorming your concept’s look and feel. Together, we’ll agree on strategies ranging from the menu shell and pricing to equipment needs and space requirements.


Beverage Experts Egypt works internally to produce the associated deliverables:

  •  A Concept Book, rich with imagery, that brings to life your food and beverage strategy, facility direction, service approach, business goals, narrative journey of the guest and other details that will differentiate your concept.
  • A Financial Pro Forma to determine the financial feasibility of the concept, with a capital budget plan, breakeven analysis, real equipment costs based on the market and other key considerations for profitability.
  • A Business Plan based upon the Concept Book and Financial Model, that outlines the market opportunity, brand culture, marketing framework, long-term growth plan and other crucial information for operating a viable business.
  • Organize according your Space Plan, with front and back-of-house space allocations and the number of desired seats, which will help determine suitable site locations and can assist with lease negotiations.
  •  On an as-needed basis, we create a sales-focused PowerPoint deck that summarizes the above documentation for investors and landlords.

January 25, 2017


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