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Cafe Operation Assessment

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We conduct a kickoff meeting to understand the needs, goals and challenges of your business.


We review your standard operating materials, sales mix, recipes, profit and loss sheets, sales information and guest reviews (online and in-house) to understand the operating standards as they are defined


We conduct a site visit to observe front- and back-of-house procedures and how they relate to the defined standards. We assess the guest experience, taking a look “under the hood” to determine underlying challenges and roadblocks to success.


Upon the conclusion of the visit, we provide a debrief of initial findings and conduct a discussion of ways to improve operations and overall performance of the Cafe through proven strategies.


We draft a report identifying both challenges and actionable steps for improvement and efficiency. Together, we review your report and determine how to implement the recommended improvements.

Project Deliverables

Business Plan:

Deliverable Description

Summary and Objectives

provide background information, a detailed company description, general industry information, goals that you want to achieve, and long-term objectives. Depending on the size and type of business, this information may be divided into multiple sections or summarized in one pitch.

Marketing Plan

Providing market data and an outline for how you will market and sell products and services allows you to show a deep understanding of your target audience and your plans for branding and distribution. conducting thorough research and use to back up the plans with supporting numbers and statistics. we may also include separate, detailed sections on competition, customer characteristics, product features, sales forecasts, and marketing strategy.

Operational Plan

concerned with the equipment, processes, and people involved in daily operations. may include details on location requirements, production methods, legal issues (such as licenses or insurance requirements), staffing information, vendor needs, and other operational elements.

Management and Organization

description of management positions and professional provides an organized look at key roles, the experience individuals bring to the business, and important consultants or mentors

Startup Expenses and Financial Plan

Estimate expenses as accurately as possible and include contingencies for unforeseen costs. Creating estimates requires thorough research, and expenses include even small items – while they are easy to overlook, they may add up to significant costs. Also will include profit and loss projections and other budget forecasts in order to provide a clear picture of a startup’s financial standing and future outlook.


January 25, 2017


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